Если брюки сидят не идеально, образуя складки на некоторых участках, портится весь вид изделия. Предлагаем вам разобраться и исправить дефекты посадки брюк.

Elimination of defects trousers He belly In the presence of the protruding belly trousers may form a defect in folds around the abdomen, as well as the top of the legs.

This is a lot of math, but think I can manage.


how to draft pants pattern- Joy! Previous pinner: I've been looking for something like this, I lost mine from the stanley school of dressmaking circa 1982 by

A different way to put together a simple bag, from the side, not the top.  Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog: Easy Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial

Easy Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial