Purple cattleya orchids, I hope mine looks like this in the next 6 months!

Orchids are expensive, elegant, dainty, and rare. There are over 800 types of orchids, and they can be found pretty much everywhere in the world.

Exotic Orchids| Serafini Amelia| PHAIUS Orchid by vishu shillong

Phaius ~ this orchid can be propagated by cuttings. This is highly unusual for an orchid.

Laelia purpurata - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Large growing Lalia, this is the basic purpurata species but there are many beautiful variations.

OA Orchid Cattleya Unnamed Lost Tag 100mm Well Established Lovely Plants | eBay

Kumihimo color inspiration - fab colors, combinations and palettes: OA Orchid Cattleya Unnamed Lost Tag Well Established Lovely Plants

Euchile mariae  {Syn. Encylcia mariae}  (Northwest Mexico)

Marie's Epidendum Orchid (Echile mariae) endemic to Northwestern Mexico in dry Oak Forests at high altitudes


I bought this orchid a few weeks ago in the bud stage. It has just opened to yield 4 beautiful flowers. It has the most beautiful fragrance!