long black tshirt dress (or loose over sized black tshirt with black high waisted shorts), dark green and white plaid collared button up shirt tied around the waist, black over the knee thigh high socks, and black or dark brown lace up combat boots.

6 Simple Essentials For Your Fall Closet

4 cool ways to wear over knee socks and denim shorts: white shirt, leather jacket and denim shirt

Over the knee socks + high waisted shorts. ❤️ Even low waisted but over the knee, shorts, and botties

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Thigh High Boots Office

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Take your style to new heights with thigh highs! | Find more inspiration from NOON & Co. here on Pinterest!

← how to wear thigh high socks Thigh high socks with ethnic printed cardigan and tank top is a great mixture of candor with


thigh high socks with thigh high boots Another alternative is a bit risque but I adore risque! I would definitely wear the tennis shoes with a high fashion