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He is such an inspiration

He is such an inspiration

Gerard Way

Gerard Way. I don't like it when people smoke, but boy, Gerard makes smoking look HOT; Bitch, gerard way makes everything look hot.

and people ask why i love gerard way...

Quotes from the one and only, Gerard Way he helped me through so much, i owe my life to him.

Andy Biersack and Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance & Black Veil Brides ~ Gerard Way & Andy Biersack wow if I could be with them now I would live my happy life.I can't imagine myself with my fav guys.ahhhhhh I love you both I thought Gerard Way was Ashton Irwin

Gerard Way Quote. "It's what keeps the world going." So let me be myself and screw off!   *Just saying*

"Kudos to you for being yourself and living how you want to live, dressing how you want to dress, and just really expressing yourself." --Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way, yes you are.

You know how pretty you are, Gee? So pretty that you should be named Pretty Fucking Princess Gerard Fucking Way.