Freedom by gpzang. Dark fantasy art

Les fabuleuses peintures digitales de Young-june Choi

beautifulbizarremag:  Heart of Fire by sheppard arts ©2014 Hex/Cryptozoic Entertainment Digital illustration for Hex: Shards of Fate

Exquisite illustrations and paintings by the illustrator and artist Cynthia Sheppard. Based in Washington, DC, Cynthia Sheppard is a full time fantasy illustrator

Great ships with sails made from dragon wings. Stephan Martiniere

fantasy-art-engine: Ethereal Ship on the Waves by Stephen Martiniere Love this

Cancoillotte et Morbiflette

Cendre Portrait by *orpheelin on deviantART. A fantasy female in normal clothing (not armour) and holding a shield. –– Rains mother but I want her hair to be a dirty blonde


Women of Fantasy "Pity about your horses" she said, striding forward. "I could have sent your corpses back with them.

Duister paard

"He spun from the shadows, a nightmare wraith, slung on the back of the demon horse that grinned with obsidian teeth."- writing from previous pinner I think