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Freida Kadhif, a warrior from Orikkal. She fought for her homeland when the dragons came. She hates dragons and all Marzdulians for using her home as a battle ground. Forwardguard by ogilvie on deviantART. A warrior woman mage.


Mynéah - male paladin/cleric/fighter ---- King Trinian (Torin's father) Inspiration for Caius Hopeforge


Kheldrim Wolfsong by *dleoblack on deviantART Looks like a half-elf ranger, ranger, light, archer, elf

Altair - By Rogner5th (cropped for detail)

Digital Art by rogner5th

Fan art of a young Altair. Love the colors, the pose, Altair's clothing, and the young-boy-with-his-eagle-companion concept.