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My Top 60 Fantasy Artists (Part 4 of 4)

Feng Zhu

It's a crime that the only time this website has featured the work of veteran artist Feng Zhu was for a freaking Duke Nukem game.

Of Orcs And Men art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Digital Painting - The Canopy by JakubKowalczyk

Over 20 hours. Narration is what my paintings require! Digital Painting - The Canopy

Fantasy Landscape, Beauty And The Beast, Landscapes, Plant, Exterior, Scenery, Paisajes, Plants

Lost ships by on @DeviantArt

Lost ships by haryarti on deviantART. Living inside a shipwreck. - its a ship, and it's a dragon. like the living ships from Hobb's books.

kekai kotaki : Photo

Dive into The Art of Kekai Kotaki, Concept Artist based in Seattle. Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kekai has always had a passion for art.