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Sea princess riding a sea dragon

Beauty And The Beast This is something I started some time ago. The Beauty And The Beast

Cassandra : Foto

Illustrations of Norse Mythology; Mythic Norse Art by Contemporary American Artist Howard David Johnson "Valkyrie Maiden"

"Just when she thought that her ship was coming in, the wind would shift making the tide go out. Taking her ship out to sea with it."  ~The Sensual Starfish

She watched the ship sail away. She watched all hope of a normal life sail away. She watched her chance at seeing the world sail away, but most of all; she watched the love of her life sail away.

Another dragon scene ( requested )

I think I've talked myself into getting the dragon tattoo I've always wanted but been too chicken to actually do. I love this style, it's gonna be my inspiration.

Moss Dragon

Children’s Book Illustrations by Laura Diehl. Laura Diehl is a freelance illustrator based in Centreville, VA who works on children’s book illustrations, b


Brigid: Irish Celtic deity of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions of higher knowledge (wisdom, crafts, excellence in warfare, etc.) Daughter of the Dagda. Consort of Bres.


Girl needed, told from her POV) "Not so strong now are you Aaron" I laugh. We were best friends since we were He chose me to control his powers. I control what kind of dragon he is at anytime or if he's human (credit to )


breathtakenfantasies: “ Oonagh, the Goddess of the Fae. Oonagh’s themes are faries, nature, devotion and relationships. Oonagh is a faithfull wife and the most beautiful of all Goddesses. Her symbols.