Ribbon Storage ..id be in heaven!

Pretty easy ribbon storage to build. Build the outer box. the ribbon is sitting on two dowel rods . no shelves with this one. by marcie

Button and embellishment storage -- love it! :)  Have to come up with a more practical solution than having all my buttons in one big vase.

small embellishment storage, love the buttons on the outside of each drawer. Cool way to make plastic drawers look nicer!

Creations By Christie - (Lots of) Modular Flip out Bins from the Container Store

(Love this idea for letter storage - never can figure out how to get different sizes/styles in one large enough spot.)Creations By Christie: Tour My Craft Room!

See how this blogger did it here.

33 Genius Ways To Reuse Your K-Cups

ribbon storage

Great Idea to repurpose left over molding / Ribbon-Storage or for jars of buttons, etc. the molding would make me less worried about knocking something off

The Ribbon Ladder is designed to hold numerous spools of various sizes. This wall mountable craft storage unit can be used to arrange ribbons in attractive patterns. Place the reels of ribbons on six

Jo-Ann Stores Ribbon LadderJo-Ann Stores Ribbon Ladder, Great for Craft Rooms or even for Christmas Ribbons!

Fabric and ribbon storage that would be suitable for a craft room or sewing room. 24 Amazing Storage Ideas That You Will Freakin' Love!

24 Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Craft Room

love the organization!!

SMART organizational idea for a variety of items. Shower curtain ring, binder clip and a ziplock bag. I'm thinking outside work room because its a narrow room and makes eat easier to put up the shower curtain rod or closet pole.