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Pascal changing colors (◠ω◠✿)

Pascal changing colors (◠ω◠✿) Tangled

Admittedly, still obsessed with how gorgeous this movie is. And I'll never stop loving it. << Yeah, pretty much << agreed

Made by IG|@disney_life_for_me. /  Jessi Raine Johnson. Rapunzel, Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitsherbert) Tangled . Frozen For the first time in forever//SCREAMING this is so PERFECT!!!!!

Rapunzel, Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitsherbert) Tangled ~Frozen For the first time in forever

“Tangled can always put a smile on my face.”

It really can, I honestly thought I'd seen the end of Disney movies a while ago but then this happened.

I was watching this with a 6 year old and started laughing so hard

It's called a hustle sweetheart XD Zootopia>>> that joke was GOOOOLD XD I mean come on. multiplying XD XD XD>>yes!

mermaidsbeauty:  Disney Princesses + little/grown

Adoptes by Mera Whiterose :: This is Darcy and Maddie, ages 3 and They have snow powers. Darcy is very energetic and playful and Maddie is very shy and loves to have fun.


I love this comparison! No matter how hard I tried, I could never really think that the only change was her hair! It always looked like her face was different too. But this proves me wrong!