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"What bird are you Finnick, cause I'm a mockingjay!" "Well I think I'm a sea gull, cause I'm from district 4 and I like french fries!"<<<<<I died when I read that 😂😂😂

jennifer lawrence has a hidden talent

Funny pictures about Awesome hidden talent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome hidden talent. Also, Awesome hidden talent.

Literally me all the time.

Funny pictures about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Oh, and cool pics about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Also, Just Jennifer Lawrence.


Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

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Heffie<--- whoa whoa whoa, is this a thing? Like, a lot of people ship it? people ship them? Hmmm, I dunno about this

Die karrieros können nicht auf Bäume klettern oder Bögen schießen haben sich aber ihr Leben lang darauf vorbereitet

So you mean to tell me, you've trained your whole life for the Hunger Games, and you can't shoot a bow and arrow, or climb a tree?<<<This is for the movies

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Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 56 Pics

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Well I like finnick but I still Love Peeta more

I love Finnick, and I really need to start changing the original pin descriptions:-)<<< spread the word! Change the pin description before you pin!

Peeta-Boo! Hunger Games Humor

I didn't even laugh I'm sorry Peeta was like dying in the arena therefore this meme is not OK 😐😨😰😵😒😒

Hunger Games, behind the scenes

Hunger Games, behind the scenes- I love this film that little bit more than you because I know what a great bond all of the actors ( kids) had - famous and well known actors have told the cats of THG to treasure the experience

I feel that they BOTH were half responsible for the revolution to happen. Both Rue and Katniss are the mockingjay. Along with that whistle that Katniss made up, and not Rue

No, Katniss is the official Mockingjay, Rue inspired the revolution, but Prim started it. If Prim hadn't gotten picked Katniss wouldn't have volunteered then she wouldnt have met Rue who sparked the Mockingjay.

Hunger games

Fox face, read the booooks! In the books I don't think she committed suicide at all.