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Gray fox is mainly distinguished from most other canids by its grizzled upper parts, strong neck and black-tipped tail, while the skull can be easily distinguished from all other North American canids by its widely separated temporal ridges that form a U-shape.

The subtly colored Gray Fox. These beautiful foxes are native to 12 countries ranging from southern Canada to Venezuela and Columbia. They can be found throughout the United States, except in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains.


Red Fox in the window. Lucky human that has this gorgeous animal as a pet.

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Red Fox by Peter Kefali

redpyrofox: beautiful-wildlife: Red Fox by Peter Kefali Island Beach SP, NJ Guarding my land.

Winter coat. Makes the outline of the ears stand out

Check out the colours of the fox. It's a nice colourpalette for a winter wedding. Snowy Fox by Igor Shpilenok

FOX ~ besides cats and kitties, FOXES are my other love ♥

Funny Wildlife, wonderous-world: Red Fox by Daniel Parent. only in nature can you find the most beautiful colors.