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Suv Car - 2013 Land Rover LR2- My newest obsession!

Suv Car - 2013 Land Rover My newest obsession!

tumblr_nnuidjOYue1rk1jcso1_500.jpg (500×375)

tumblr_nnuidjOYue1rk1jcso1_500.jpg (500×375)

Image: A mural at the Second Avenue Subway station at 72nd Street

New subway station has public art rarely seen: A gay couple

New York Subway Station Features Gay Couple In Groundbreaking Mural Thor Stockman, left, and husband Patrick Kellogg posed for the photograph on which “Perfect Strangers” is based three years ago in Brooklyn.

Крепление лодки

Portable Folding Boat Posted by MydeaMedia The Foldboat is compact and portable folding boat created by design students Max Frommelt and .

Dissociative Identity Disorder and Risky Behavior | Risky behaviors affects any mental illness, but it gets complicated when dissociation is involved. Lack of awareness can make symptoms worse. Learn how to cope. www.HealthyPlace.com

Risky behaviors affect many mental illnesses, but dissociative identity disorder makes it more dangerous. Learn how to cope with the lack of awareness in DID.

is Radio, rediscovered - late nights, early mornings () by stephamareebee

Shimmering Chain link Fence Installation by Soo Sunny Park reflection multiples light installation

"Unwoven Light" - Shimmering Chain link Fence Installation by Soo Sunny Park reflection multiples light installation

Recycled horse art vs Marvel & DC superheroes, Yoda, Hulk, Aliens, Predators and Hulk - Facebook image of the week | Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Sayaka Kajita Ganz is an artist that creates amazing unique sculptures made from a different plastic pieces like spoons, forks, toys and similar. She creates sculptures of different animals from a thousands of plastic pieces.

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Liked on Pinterest:

pavement art

street art - The kolam, or "rangoli" is a traditional mandala, a geometric pattern, that women design in front of their houses during festivities. In Tamil culture is a strong form of expression by the women, who express their feelings in this secret way.

Si es listo... (ser/estar) (animales)

Si es listo… (ser/estar) (animales)

Saw this car while at the mall, had to take a picture of it. Someone made the best outta a bad situation and bingo car humor. I love people like this Car Humor

Moon and Sea

Arthur Dove "Moon and Sea II", 1923 (USA, Abstract Art / Expressionism, cent.