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from the satorialist

Every time the Sartorialist posts a photo of this man in one of his blue suits, I swoon. Valentino Ricci, apparently)

Lino of Spring, Milano

Inspirations for spring: Lino easing into spring - blue shirt with cutaway collar, pale orange tie and a grey DB jacket. Of course the little flourishes make the outfit outstanding - linen pocket square and leaving 2 buttons unbuttoned on each sleeve.

I Don’t Know What They’re Saying But I Love To Watch Them Talk, Florence « The Sartorialist

And I just adore the gloves in the front pocket.

Generally speaking Italian men look very stylish and polished. The way men dress in Florence, for example, it almost looks like style is something completely effortless for them, something that comes automatically and naturally for them.

Luciano Barbera.

My dear friend Luciano Barbera. Showing you why you’ll need a great topcoat, and of course a hat, this winter.

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Mory Kaba of Eredi Pisano « The Sartorialist - sharp!

Mory is the style guru and store manager of Eredi Pisano on Madison Ave.

The Best of The Sartorialist 2013

The Best of The Sartorialist 2013

A Favorite Gentleman « The Sartorialist

A Favorite Gentleman I shot this gentleman at the flea market a few months ago, I saw him again this weekend and he was no less elegant. I love the critter cords.

Perhaps a ridiculous tie or that ascot could be the fashionable element of chrysale

On the Street…Via Montenapoleone, Milan (The Sartorialist)