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anime girl art #japanese #umbrella #traditional - She seem sad but still elegant and composed.

Anime Girl Art Japanese Umbrella Traditional - She seem sad but still elegant and composed.

Image work 2 by *kse332 at deviantart

Beautiful artwork of a woman in a hanbok with traditional Korean hair. Image work 2 by

KAGUYA HIME (Princess Kaguya), the main character in The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, said to be the oldest Japanese folktale

The 'Feminism' board. She was a lady-in-writing for empress Shoshi. She's one of the greatest writers of Heian period and an author of 'The Tale of Genji'.

Classical Ladies' Fashion Design and The Society Changing (3): Japanese Kimono

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Asian women with long black hair and blunt Egyptian bangs.

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Geisha girl- she would make an awesome tattoo! y'all should research geishas and see what they stand for!