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I Don't Want To Let Go

I Don't Want To Let Go

My name is Glacia. Some say I'm cold hearted, I call it misunderstood... I am thoughtful, loyal and protective at times. Also, I have a British accent. I am a waterbender/icebender.

Traveling in the Sound of the Forest Pixiv Fantasia Ilustrador: Kyouka Hatori

Robert DeJesus sketches friends as anime-style.

People And Their Cartoon Version

Sketches inspired by photographs - neat idea to try whilst also on a colour palette challenge! That's soooo cooool and awesome. Wish I could turn people into drawings. THEY WOULD certainly look beautiful

Tags:     "ahoge" "brown hair" "short hair" "smile" "sweat"  Source:     "The Idolm@ster"  Characters:     "Kikuchi Makoto"  Artist:     "Nekopuchi"

Tags: "ahoge" "brown hair" "short hair" "smile" "sweat" Source: "The Idolm Characters: "Kikuchi Makoto" Artist: "Nekopuchi"