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Kalp üzerine yaptığı çalışmalardan...Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci, kalp üzerine yürüttüğü çalışmalardan bir tanesinde, ölü bir hayvanın kalbine balmumu enjekte etti ve aort damarının kökünde tespit ettiği şişkin kısmı gözlemledi. Elde ettiği sonuçlar ise, kardiyolojistler tarafından 20. yüzyıla kadar gözlemlenemedi ve 1980'li yıllara kadar tamamen kanıtlanamadı.

Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci - Recto: The ventricles, papillary muscles and tricuspid valve. Verso: The heart and coronary vessels

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Leonardo da Vinci's Rare Anatomical Drawings: Drawing of external genitalia and vagina, with notes; notes on the anal sphincter and diagrams of suggested arrangement of its fibers and its mode of action.

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Le Codex Trivulzianus ou Codice Trivulziano est un manuscrit de Léonard de Vinci (1487-1490) - Il témoigne du désir de Léonard de Vinci d'enrichir son vocabulaire et d'assimiler de nouveaux termes techniques. Le manuscrit débute par une allusion à l'incendie de la Bibliothèque d'Alexandrie. Le manuscrit contient également des études d'architecture militaire et religieuse

Design Leonardo Da Vinci, part of the collection of the Castello Sforzesco

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Niffty-Viola organista (Codex Atlanticus, The viola organista was an experimental musical instrument invented by Leonardo da Vinci. It was the first bowed keyboard instrument (of which any record has survived) ever to be devised.

Leonardo Da Vinci anatomical sketches/drawings ca. 1485-1515

Vitruvian Man , Human Proportions, Leonardo Da Vinci Sketchbook - how to Draw Human Figure Resources for Art Students at CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas leboiteverte.

Codex on the Flight of Birds ~ Front page - Leonardo da Vinci  c.1505-1506,

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A drawing of an archer aiming an arrow through the aperture in a shield, which is part of his bow; a design for a war-machine which, when pulled by two horses, will cause canon-balls to fly out horizontally; a man on horseback charging with a set lance

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Study reveals Leonardo da Vinci's 'irrelevant' scribbles mark the spot where he first recorded the laws of friction

Aerial Screw. "I believe that if this screw device is well-manufactured, that is, if it is made of linen cloth, the pores of which have been closed with starch, and if the device is promptly reversed, the screw will engage its gear when in the air and it will rise up on high,"  - da Vinci, in a note next to the sketch.

The Helicopter: A Hundred Years of Hovering