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Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea) The scarlet tanager is a medium sized American songbird. Adult males are bright red with black wings and tail; females are yellowish on the underpants and olive on top, with olive-brown wings and tail.

Peacocks strut about the velvet green lawns of TREAT, the Duke of Roxton's estate in Hampshire. AUTUMN DUCHESS

brushes with greatness

New colors for bedroom: Vibrant emerald green, sapphire blue, turquoise, and a hint of chartreuse, grounded by deep navy and a warm mid-brown

A gallery of exquisite bird photos that is amazing.

The Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) feed largely on nectar, although they will also take insects, especially when feeding young. It is a resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from India to Indonesia.

The yellow-fronted woodpecker (Melanerpes flavifrons) is a species of bird in the Picidae family. It is found in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest


A sweet friend has her wings now. Freed from cancer's ugly grip. Free of fear and hopelessness. No more tears. I'll look for you where the waves are breaking.

Crow "Handsome fellow," She said. Blue-black, Eyes of knowing, cocked Head, he is peering At her with certainty." His answer of love.

Stunning Peacock pictures which will leave you Breathless.

photographed at Adelaide Zoological Gardens, South Australia.

pensieri senza parole

pensieri senza parole