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piece of light

Paul Guinan

I really like how the artist has captured innocence but also her beauty and i think this is a very soft and delicate portrait

high street fashion 14

High Street Fashion – Observe And Learn From Them

Clara Alonso - totally going to be my fall/winter look women fashion outfit clothing style apparel closet ideas

inspire {quotes}

╰☆╮Boho chic bohemian boho style hippy hippie chic bohème vibe gypsy fashion indie folk the .

Clara Alonso

We're always talking about what it is we want our country to become, about how we can save ourselves as a people.But maybe the answer is not somewhere in the future distance; maybe the answer is one we already had, and somehow threw away.

A new sunrise

A new sunrise

Untitled, photographie de Ilina Vicktoria. Dans Gens, Portrait, Femme. Untitled, photographie de Ilina Vicktoria. Image #381299

This woman looks very much like something out of Proust - Probably Oriane de Guermantes, with that nose and those eyes. by Ilina Vicktoria - Board: Moody People Photos . moody moves makes me you feel evokes emotional feelings evocative images