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Who is the artist? Her name is Kyomi Kimura.



夏花绚烂_涂鸦王国 原创绘画平台 www.poocg.com

Her wish is to be happy bride one day.

She's a little rabbit demon, a deity more like.  She's a very aggressive deity, savage and unforgiving.  She often is instructed by a powerful demon to do their dirty work and she frankly doesn't mind in the slightest.  Quick and lethal.  Unseen by humans but if you happen to, it means you will die

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平安時代 平安王朝 十二単 公家 装束 藤の花 御簾 金色    御簾

A woman dressed in junihitoe.

19天ch224 还有一篇圣诞节特别篇02给你们,大家平安夜快乐! (そしてもう一編クリスマス特別編を送ります。みんなメリークリスマス!)2017.12.24更新分  日本語訳 Twitter @ukaretonnchiki

19天ch224 还有一篇圣诞节特别篇02给你们,大家平安夜快乐! (そしてもう一編クリスマス特別編を送ります。みんなメリークリスマス!)2017.12.24更新分 日本語訳 Twitter @ukaretonnchiki

Touken Ranbu

Akizora on

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Imanotsurugi | Touken Ranbu

Imanotsurugi | Touken Ranbu

How can he look like a bloody girl?!!! Wait, because anime. Okay.

How can he look like a bloody girl?

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江戸・前期正装の公家女房  http://kakitutei.gozaru.jp  "A Court Lady In Formal Costume, Edo Era"

Mannequins dressed in junihitoe.



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we miss you and your violin.



The Empress by Hachiretsu on deviantART

New submission because I don't feel like replacing the old one. As the title defined, her status is an Empress, so she is allowed to wear the forb. The Empress