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Bah HumPug !, Pourquoi ai-je le sentiment qu'il ya un régal pour ...

Bah Humpug!, Why do I have a feeling that there’s a treat to

Oh this pug puppy is going to be trouble, but who could resist such hilarious and adorable antics?!

I had to share this. This is Ping. He is very smart and very naughty He was a litter mate to my Gracie and full brother to my Lily. Mom kept him. by jeanie

Curious Boo Lefou the Pug and a Pumpkin #pug #puppy #dog #Halloween #pumpkin #cute #pets

Curious Boo Lefou the Pug and a Pumpkin #pug #puppy #dog #Halloween #pumpkin #cute #pets

Every snack you make Every meal you bake Every bite you take I'll be watching you

Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL so funny be even funnier if the pug had on a police hat (cuz the re made song is by the police)

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