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Tidus FFX

Project Flare: 'Final Fantasy' publisher wants to put you inside a 'Lord of the Rings'-caliber movie :)


I think its funny that these days Aries is known as Arieth. _____ Except you spelled her name wrong twice Aeris/Aerith :/<<< Her name causes so much confusion but I think I've got it. AeriS is for Japan and AeriTH is for the English translation.


fuckyeahzerithcloti: “ “ In the Lifestream ” Zerith’s Reunion by gyokuto Cloti’s Found by ミヤマ ” oh god, now I’m crying.

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I cried as I saw this video scene in the game T-T it was so sad

Final Fantasy X (PS2).  The first Final Fantasy game I played, and still my favorite.  Also had a bit of a crush on Rikku at the time.

Final Fantasy X The second Final Fantasy game I played, and my favorite.

CloTi: Entwined by LoneWolf117.deviantart.com on @deviantART

We made a promise. Related: __________________________________ __________________________________ Cloud: Tifa: XNA Posing Studio + Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart (C) Square.