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Fiddle fern

"My religion is nature. That’s what arouses those feelings of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me.” - Oliver Sacks More


kiwi fruit-Contains Vitamin C which is vital for the health of your gum tissue. Without Vitamin C, the collagen in your gums breaks down, the gums become tender and more susceptible to the bacteria causing periodontal disease.

Grains of sand magnified to 250 times real size.

Grains of beach sand magnified to 250 times real size - by Dr Gary Greenberg

MILAGROS MUNDO "Funky Fairtrade & Hippy Chic": ❀ Spring is in the Air ❀

Flowers, cones, leaves – nature is never short on extraordinary inspiration. Kathy Klein deconstructs objects of our environment and uses the parts to create unique flower circles called "danmalas". From the sanskrit ' .

Nick Selway fotografeert golven | Ftw.nl

Inside the wave (Photographers Nick Selwayand and CJ Kale, in Hawaii)