Gli Arcani Supremi (Vox clamantis in deserto - Gothian): Tutto sull'araldica

"SCA Heraldry practice has some differences, but this is still a neat reference." Not sure who SCA is.

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама

Rider by jameszapata female dragon rider platemail spear dragon flying monster…

Ancient Golden skull. Give a name to the ancient creature if thus skull. Art by Nagypal _ _ #paintingswow #artstation #illustration #draw #cgsociety #fantasyillustration #digitaldraw #conceptdesign #empireofworlds #draw #cgsociety #artstation #photoshop #scifi #fantasy #art #digitalart #photoshop #wacomtablet #ilovefantasyart

what do you think that skull belonged to?" She sighed, going forward and wrenching a tooth free from the jaw. She sees his horror. makes a damn fine blade.

Forest Spirit I by Tuomas Korpi

Forest Spirit I by Tuomas Korpi

"Autumn Impressions I" by Tuomas Korpi // CG Hub Running away into the forest and meeting the forest spirit.

Mirrodin Besieged Preview Art

Mirrodin Besieged Art Gallery : Daily MTG : Magic: The Gathering One of the many gorgeous pieces from this sample of Mirrodin Besieged art. (By Aleksi Briclot)

concept art nature environment landscape scene from the northern mountains of viking territories, viking age bridges over the stream and waterfall of a river. Viking statue as the guardian of the island. medieval environment concept art inspiration ideas

How to Train Your Dragon concept art. This is a freaking amazing concept art! And I just noticed that Hiccup is a little left behind the gang and Gobber who is leading them.

From the depths

scifi-fantasy-horror: Call of Cthulhu by François Baranger posted this like 2 days ago…

RAZEEL'S CRATER (title and artist unknown)

Cristi Balanescu is a concept artist who has worked for companies like Ubisoft and Fantasy Flight Games. Love his style. The rough stuff always gets to me.