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Bloodborne The Old Hunters Expansion Announced: Release Date And Price For Game?s Only Expansion DLC

Dark Souls 3 wallpaper or background

Dark Souls III art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Bloodborne arts

I've shipped my hunter with Gilbert since the first moment I walked up to that window. I'm kind of seriously glad to see others ship it too // Do the Gods love their by jeza-red

ArtStation - Bloodborne II - Dream Infirmary, Cal Santiago

Fan concept illustration for a proposed / rumored Bloodborne sequel.Bloodborne © FromSoftware, SCE Japan Studio Bloodborne II - Zabrocz the Nighthawk

BLOODBORNE DRINKS  - Hunter's Dream:  1 part absinthe 1 part marshmallow fluff a sprinkle of grave dirt  Combine ingredients in highball glass. Drink. When only about 1/6 of the drink remains, set it on fire.

You Should Be Playing: Bloodborne -- Bloody blood bloods with bloods on the side.

Witcher 3 Fanart - Elven Ruins, Victor Staris on ArtStation at…