Chris Roman: Elephant Anatomy Study

Finished another animal study! Since this one came at the end of the semester I definitely didn't put as much effort into it as my previou.

comparative anatomy dictionary

Comparative Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy Limb Comparative Anatomy Definition Human Dog Pig Sample ~ Comparative Anatomy Definition Human And Animal


fucktonofanatomyreferences: “ An appreciative fuck-ton of bird wing anatomy references (from various sources).

Wings | Books Around The Table


Avian bird anatomy - keep in mind that different species of birds have a different number of primary/flight feathers.

Homologous (“convergent”) #evolution

Convergent Evolution Example 8 Uncanny Examples Of Convergent Evolution Mnn Mother Nature, Examples Of Convergent Evolution In Placental And Australian, Convergent Evolution Recurrence Of Form Tree Of Life Exhibits,

The Sea Squirts and Tunicates (Class Ascidacea)

Urochordata or Tunicata Ascidiacea; a little bag, notochord and nerve cord are found only in larval stage, being reabsorbed during metamorphosis.