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*Recycled Crayons* Here is a last minute gift to make for friends or class mates - recycled crayons. Raid your crayon stash (we picked out all the yellows), get a silicon tray in any shape you desire (we had stars) and get making......   Sharing top tips for avoiding your crayons from "layering" and cleaning your tray afterwards

Recycled Crayons: Gifts Kids Can Make

Recycled Crayons make great gifts. You can shape them into anything, these Recycled Crayons Stars make a great little Christmas Gift that Kids Can Make.

Cute and simple sewing projects to get young kids sewing. Lavender filled heart key rings (would make lovely ornaments too).

Felt Heart Ornament Craft - Gifts Kids Can Make

Gifts Kids Can Make - Here's the DIY info. - These adorable little felt heart crafts are great to use as key rings or zipper pulls on your school bags and you have a lovely little gift to give to a relative or a friend.

Melted Crayon Salt Dough Ornaments - Awesome!

Melted Crayon Salt Dough Ornaments - A New Way to Decorate a Favorite

Crafting has never been more popular and Maggy Woodley, the creative force behind Red Ted, is passionate about making things with her children, Max, four, and Pippa, two. Using recycled materials and

Fishpond United Kingdom, Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids by Margarita Woodley. Buy Books online: Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids, ISBN Margarita Woodley

Lovely simple play ideas for kids.Kids art and fun combined in this retro game we can probably all recall playing

Simple Play Ideas: Folded Paper Monster

Silly Monsters Mash Up Game - a childhood classic that you can play anytime anywhere.


I'm working on something like this right now for my boys' Valentine's Day parties.

Ideas for upcycling before you are recycling.

34 Recycled Kids Crafts & Activities - hands on : as we grow

Crayon melting - A fun way to use all those broken crayon bits!

Make Your Own Rainbow Melted Crayons

Crayon melting - A fun way to use all those broken crayon bits! I have some great silicon trays from Ikea that would be great bases.

Toilet paper roll monsters to go along with "Two Monsters" by David Mckee or "My Friend the Monster" by Eleanor Taylor.

Kids Get Crafty: Loo Roll Monsters

Super easy and fun MONSTER TP Roll craft. Love these little guys as they are easy, a great way to use up odds and sods AND there is "no right and wrong". Perfect little Halloween Craft for Kids. Or make them to keep the night time monsters away!

Finally, it is here.. our Juice Carton or Milk Carton Craft Round Up.. we actually have been working on this for weeks.. but somehow we got side tracked one way or another. But finally, our juice carton video has been made, and we have lots of lovely additional links and milk carton craft ideas to …

25 Milk Carton Crafts (or Juice / Tetra pack crafts

I have ADORED this milk carton craft from afar for YEARS! And have always had it on our juice carton or milk carton craft to do list. but then I get distracted by bird feeders and fairy houses and never…


50+ Awesome, Quick, and Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Christmas

Take every day "Junk" and turn it into crafts - for young and old. You will find a craft for everyone here! What's your favourite "upcycled" craft? Would love to hear your ideas!

Recycled Get Crafty

DIY- Great repurpose craft ideas (for young and older kids and adults) from everyday things--milk lids, paper towel rolls, juice cans, etc.

Different way of doing melted crayon art: Place crayons in a pattern or 'drawing' and then melt for more interesting shapes instead of the usual drip * need to do this with the kids *

9 Inspired Ways To Create Melted Crayon Art

If You Have A Lot Of Broken Crayons Lying Around, Make Some Impressionist Paintings. Ways To Create Melted Crayon Art

make glass pebble magnets:   ModgePodge scrapbook paper to the back of the glass and let it dry. glue the magnets with E6000 glue.  also used rub-on letters

Summer Crafts with Kids Report

DIY: A bag of 100 glass pebbles. Modge Podge scrapbook paper to the back of the glass and let it dry. Glue the magnets. I'm going to try the modpodge next time.