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Endre Penovác creates ink paintings of animals. On of his favorite subject, after cats, are chickens. He represents it their color of feather and their red mohican. With his technique, he manages to paint the texture of the plumage with beauty.

Beautiful Ink Paintings of Chickens

Artist Endre Penovác (previously here and here) depicts mysterious cats and…

HENNY, Chicken Painting helps TBAR Horse Rescue -- Vernita Bridges Hoyt

HENNY, Chicken Painting helps TBAR Horse Rescue Original art painting by Vernita Bridges Hoyt - DailyPainters.com

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Pebbles - Encaustic Painting 2009 - Chicken series i have to do this

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Artist Endre Penovac became famous for his dog drawings in the last years, then his watercolor cats have brought the real breakthrough for him.