Cool moments when Disney references itself. WHAAAAAAAAAAT IS THAT A STATUE OF HANS?!?!?

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Monsters University - Fraternities and Sororities

shaiger: “ Monsters University - Fraternities and Sororities “ Ever since I saw Monster Uni the first time, I wanted to draw a bunch of these characters as humans, but whoops apparently I drew 36 of.

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0_6cfde_35d177e0_orig (1089×1233)

You had one job! You couldn't have that after 5th grade, they haven't seen each other? Nope! Gotta mess it all up!

When I heard they were making a Monsters University I told my mom that in the movie Mike says they been best friends since kindergarden and this also IT'S ALL A LIE! but MU was a great movie

Monsters Inc. I find this funny because his cousins sister is still his cousin....

Monsters, Inc. the only people that can say your cousin's daughter, or 'second cousin', without people noticing.