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Gun concept by tipa_graphic

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Dead Space's awesome 'handgun' equivalent for survival horror


Need some inspiration for the end of the day? check the art of Nivanh Chanthara, concept artist at Eidos Montreal

Lightning Gun by Aberiu on DeviantArt

Even though I hate them, Sniper weapons is a must have in any shooter. These kind of weapons award patience with massive damage. the style also fits my theme with elements of a modern appearance too.

Weapon Design from Deep Black

u-wars weapons by kaZZanTIP

Space Pilot Helmet

Still creepy - by Dawood Marion

ArtStation - Weapon Browning W.I.P., OccultArt _

ArtStation - Weapon Browning W.I.P., OccultArt _

What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition - Page 29 - Polycount Forum

2014 Edition - Page 29 - Polycount Forum Duke Game : Destiny.

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these weapons kinda look like they are from the future, but have that modern appearance. Some futuristic weapons are actually based on modern weapons and it is through that method that they can make some interesting weapons.

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ART Weapon design from EXTEEL the fast paced sci-fi MMO shooter picture frames,pinned by Ton van der Veer