Antique Camera: The Henry Clay Camera, 1891-99. This is the original 1891 model of which only three examples are known.

The Henry Clay Camera, version sliding-bed). Henry Clay Camera with later Mathein* Pneumatic Shutter 1891 Sliding-Bed body pattern (original, short lived first model).

Teddy Camera Model "A"

The Teddy Camera is a stamped-metal box camera, made by the Teddy Camera Company of Newark, NJ. The camera came with a set of sensitized cards, and made x prints, developed on-the-spot within a tubular developing tank which attached to the bottom.

1914. Minnigraph de Lévy Roth. Format 18x24. Vienne.

1914. Minnigraph de Lévy Roth. Format 18x24. Vienne.

The 1893 Instantograph, 1893 Lancaster, Birmingham. Small folding plate camera, size 3 1/6 x 4 in., tropical wood with brass fittings, dark-red bellows, lens: "Beck Symmetrical", shutter speeds 1-1/100 sec. (all speeds one time).

Lot: The 1893 Instantograph, Lot Number: Starting Bid: Auctioneer: Auction Team Breker, Auction: Photographica & Film, Date: March 2013 EET