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The last one though

Lol rofl ( roll on floor laughing ) The Vamps look so freakin' funny !

That's attractive. << They're always attractive, even when they're not.

I've got the vamps song's stuck in my head and can't get them out haha! 😁😍🙊 love them all tho!

My Løves♥️

The Vamps can we dance- The girl in this video has accomplished in life because she kissed Bradley Simpson!

But first... Lemme take a Selfie? With a pizza? TYPICAL Bradley;)<3<<< am I the only one who thinks this is extremely attractive?

Let's celebrate the release of The Vamps' debut album 'Meet The Vamps' with their best GIFs ever

Omggggg le changement !!

James is sporting the rare bouffant meets flock of seagulls hairstyle, Conor looked like Michael Clifford, Brad looks the same just smaller, and Tris looks like a completely different person!