Hot Love   Swiss Punk 1976–1980

Hot Love Swiss Punk 1976–1980

Runaway Horses  by Yukio Mishima Isao is a young, engaging patriot, and a fanatical believer in the ancient samurai ethos. He turns terrorist, organising a violent plot against the new industrialists, who he believes are threatening the integrity of Japan and usurping the Emperor’s rightful power. As the conspiracy unfolds and unravels, Mishima brilliantly chronicles the conflicts of a decade that saw the fabric of Japanese life torn apart.

Vintage Mishima Runaway Horses Caustic Cover Critic: In Japan, Everything is Round

I think it's creative how the dot on the 'i' is far apart from the word 'loneliness.' But I also find it to be slightly distracting.

Loneliness Author: John T. Cacioppo Publisher: W. Norton & Company Publication Date: August 2008 Genre: Non-Fiction Design Info: Designer: Peter Mendelsund Typeface: Monotype Scotch