The Ballrooms is grand for large events. We feature a classy look, incorporating dark and warm colors.

Situated in Manhattan, The Waldorf Astoria provides elegant accommodation with superior amenities. It is located a short walk from Rockefeller Center and The Museum of Modern Art.

Currently this is the closest image I can find to what I see in my mind when I walk into [  ] space. The riser in the center, with furniture arrangements that can be modified based on need, heavy drapes to soften and separate areas on the risers. The conversational arrangements of furniture to the left of the riser. Remove knickknacks and glass tables should be something else. Even the black framed windows are represented. Throw in some tables and you'd be walking through [  ] space!

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A fresh and natural approach to the interiors was taken by Meyer Davis Studio. The use of lightly coloured, reclaimed timbers and a sea inspired colour scheme a change from the typically art-deco style of the Collins Ave luxury hotel strip in Miami.

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Room Decor Ideas shows you The Best Bar Stools to Improve a Bar Design and how to use them to get a more stylish room decoration at a bar.