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La Fattoria dei pesci

Francesco Franchi: "Infographics help us understand, create and experience our reality. They reveal the hidden, explain the complex and illuminate the obscure.

Work from Home Fridays--Join the Movement!

Infographic: Work From Home Fridays. Being a fan of sometimes working from home (more productive! I had to share.

Apple iBooks vs. Textbooks

This infographic investigates the cost of replacing textbooks with iPads in schools. The textbooks are considerably cheaper for schools as well as for students, even if iPads would replace clasroom computers as well.

A Child’s Right, a charity that brings clean drinking water to schools, orphanages, and hospitals in developing countries, uses this infographic to explain to potential donors that a recent gift will only provide part of the money needed to expand to 16 countries.

Russell Clean Water Initiative info graphic - colors work well together and graphics are simple and clean;

Sperry Top-Sider Illustrations by Glenn Wolk, via Behance

Design / Sperry Top Sider Illustrations by Glenn Wolk, via Behance in Shoes

Chromapoems - made with Processing

FRONT PAGE FINGERPRINT by Derek Chan, a data visualization made with the Processing language. The formal elements of the New York Times front page such as white space, headline size and length, body copy, imagery and color palette are shown for each day.

Infographics - Water Way To Go

Other Infographics - Water Infographic. Water Way To Go. Facts About The Global Water Crisis, Access, Sanitation, And Solutions. Water Crisis And Potential Solutions.

Canon infographic - Jing Zhang illustration

This illustration closely aligns with the "inside the house" concept discussed in the meeting. The illustrative infographic approach allows for clear communication of concepts. Canon infographic on Behance

Maandag Infographic-dag: "The number of infographics I have seen this week"

[25-6-2012] Maandag: Infographic-dag

Phil Gyford prepared an infographic to dis all useless infographics. Infographics (the art of turning raw, boring data into visually appealing displays and charts) has gained popularity in the last few years as a hot new frontier in graphic design.


Want to go to Lithuania? Check out this cool Infographic guide to Lithuania. Derby design studio Zazu created it and hopes you will find it useful when planing your trip to the north european country.