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Galaxy wolf awwwwwww More ---------------------------------------------------------------------- by Queen of KawaiiSummer


nandacorrea: Am I Free Or Tied Up “I change shapes just to hide in this place but I’m still, I’m still an animal.

Color the Sky by *WolfRoad on deviantART

Alyssum-Den Mother-Skyline Pack-mate deceased-Mother of Tokitae and bros, Aeria, and Salady.

Galaxy||female||mysterious,brave,independent,smart,sassy,stubborn,and very beautiful||power:invisibility||is mates with black fire and has 3 pups:luck,spike,and daredevil||

feather kind and stubborn she wolf has 4 pups kindle leaf loki and tuft

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MoonShine,Female pup DarkFace's younger sister kind but not that big or strong her power is to control moon light and give other wolves false visions.


Lore/f/hunter/scout/mate: internal/pups:none/element: dark portal/strong, bossy,alpha like,sweet to pack not to Outsiders.