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Tim Minchin as Atticus Fetch (Californication)

Tim Minchin as Atticus Fetch (Californication)

Tim Minchin. Hilarious!

Review: Tim Minchin, the rock and droll superstar, on Matilda

MUSICAL comedian Tim Minchin has gone from mocking his own rock ambitions to playing stadiums.

Tim Minchin quote - So far, every single one of the thousands and thousands of the mysteries of the all the various gods throughout the history of man that have been solved have all turned out to NOT have anything to do with magic, mysticism or the supernatural.

Tim Minchin quote - If there is real 'magic', it will be scientifically explainable.

Tim Minchin gets spooky. Love me some Minchin.

We bring you a scary guide to the capital with creepy crypts, ghostly graves and haunted pubs. Plus, we chat to the might Tim Minchin about his new musical Matilda.

Tim Minchin is looking better than ever. Heavens.

Photos from the show's curtain call in Manchester - Jesus Christ Superstar- Photo by Mike Gray

Musical comedian Tim Minchin met his wife when he was only 17 – they've been together 19 years. When he became a father, he discovered a whole new world of feeling to inspire his songs about the ups and downs of family life

Tim Minchin: My life as a dad



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Tim Minchin & Toby Schmitz

Toby Shcmitz and Tim Minchin

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