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Learn the arm muscles in particular the bicep muscle and the tricep muscle with our arm muscle diagram, learn all the arm muscles relating to the bicep & tricep


Stiff-legged dead lifts emphasize force on the hamstrings and glutes. Feet should be fairly close together on this exercise.

Body Building Anatomy Chart from Gym Posters

Human Anatomy - Musculature Anatomy Chart Might buy a body-building mag and see if I can label the muscles showing through!

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The Anatomy of The Upright Row Workout. The upright row is a weight training exercise performed by holding a grips with the overhand grip and lifting it str

The Anatomy of The Upright Row Workout

The Ultimate Shoulder Workouts Anatomy. We've put together this graphic of different types shoulder workouts. Knowing the anatomy of each muscle group is

dumbell military press ( I LOVE THESE) ** i start off with 5 reps with 10 lb dumbells to warm up.  then go up by 5 lbs doing 4 sets of 8 reps.  I use up to 25 lb dumbells

The dumbbell military press is a great shoulder exercise. it’s also a compound exercise which hits the triceps, deltoids and trapezius. Using the dumbbell vs using the barbell you get more range of motion with the dumbbells than you do with the barbell.

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dumbell side raise - paired with front raises is great for shoulder strength and preventing rotator injuries

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From the essentialFitnus collection of fitness wall charts, featuring the path to the perfect biceps & forearm workout!

Stretching: How to Stretch the Anterior Deltoid - one of my favorite stretch, always feel tall the stretch

Stretch your chest and front shoulder muscles (anterior deltoid). Life Well is a Minneapolis based Wellness company that offers personal training, yoga and nutrition guidance.


Bruce Algra& Shoulder Workout Poster presents the most effective weight training exercises to develop the deltoid muscles for men and women. Each of eight exercises instruct and illustrate how to strengthen and shape the shoulder muscles in a quick