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Led Zeppelin

Paul McCartney IS a Scouser__ Go to this website and learn all about it :-D lol Makes ya understand some of the Beatles Lyrics. http://www.wirralhistory.net/scouse1.html

Article on the day John Lennon met Yoko Ono at the Indica Gallery, London, on the Beatles Bible website.

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One and only super cool Jimmy Page!

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page Zeppelin I always liked his style, even back when he was a studio musican. including: Donovan Hits as one reminded. The Yardbirds & onto Zeppelin. a very nice career.

Jimmy Page, NYC, 1975 | Bob Gruen  (I wanted to marry Jimmy Page.....)

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and a double neck guitar. Really cool in a weird, don't know if i would actually play one sort of way. There is a lot of band in this world, but Led Zeppelin is probably the best.

He's such a cutie!!! I love him!!

fuckyeahzeppelin: “ Jimmy Page with Robert’s old friend John “Magnet” Ward, on board the Starship, ”


babeimgonnaleaveu: “ “Jimmy Page photographed by Jan Persson in Denmark, ”