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You're not fooling me this time" "Kiss my nose" lmfao

Like how my dad broke the news that my dog died.  I still laughed

Here's a riddle, son.

Puzzle Comic Son, here is a riddle: what has four legs but isn't alive? Nice try, Dad! It's a chair! Not this time, son.

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¿cual es el mejor chiste?

Chistes Graficos

Toothbrush: "Sometimes I think I have the worst job in the world." Toilet Paper: "Yeah, right!

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Page 3 Read Pelos from the story Tu Secreto Fails 4 by -socialxliz with reads.

Marketing Fails lol To be fair "embarazada" (or pregnant) in Spanish sounds a lot like "embarrassed."

Funny pictures about Marketing Fails. Oh, and cool pics about Marketing Fails. Also, Marketing Fails.