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Nice Shopping bags for the men......

45 Creative Bagvertising Examples

Wild design of shopping bag Would you rather have a dull and plain shopping or grocery bag with you or have something that complements y.

ambient media advertising!

Quick hit for Friday. I saw this outdoor ad for Kit Kat and wanted to share it. The ad is a park bench disguised as a giant Kit Kat bar, with the line "Have a break. Have a Kit Kat." It is a great idea and I like the execution of the ad, as the…

Campaña de concientización sobre el calentamiento gobal

Regional Environmental Awareness: Swimming pool : "Don't let this be our future. Save our rainforest, stop global warming" Advertising Agency: Naga DDB Malaysia Executive Creative Director: Ted Lim

Awesome truck advertising !!

Awesome truck advertising !!

I really do like these clever truck ads. Like the truck looking like a enormous Mars bar. What better way than to see something as eye catching when you are on the road.

tape outdoor advertising

Here, we have put together a list of some creative and extremely clever billboard ads for your inspiration. There are many billboards that get our attention but majority of them are not great enough to keep them remembered. [mainimage] A billboard shoul

Biomuseo - día de la biodiversidad on Behance

This is a good example of contrast because the hand of the human stands out among the other hands and lays on top. It has good order as well, the dominant hand on top leads the eyes down to the words.

creative package design

Designing with Humor: 50 Hilarious Advertising Designs To Teach You How

nice Designing with Humor: 50 Hilarious Advertising Designs To Teach You How – Design School

bag ad

33 Brilliant and Innovative Bag Ads for your inspiration

Global Action In The Interest of Animals: Plastic Bags Kill Ad Agency: BBDO Malaysia & Ad Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium

UN Women auto-suggest ads                                                                                                                                                                                 More

UN uses Google autocomplete for sexism ad campaign

great ad for UN Women: plays on the search auto complete feature. UN Women: Auto Complete Truth Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE

182495_436610906425858_1505868546_n.jpg (399×750)

This anti pepsi ad is a great example of semantic memory. You automatically know that this is the pepsi logo because of brand awareness. This shows that soft drinks such as this can make you fat so you must be careful what you put into your body.

18813213_1344007335649243_4276583293905384032_n.jpg (960×641)

Image by Platinum FMD and featured with permission The world is essentially a bag of nuts—which is why you need to protect it. A Brazilian.

parts of Bounty ADV

Making small work of big spills. Love the oversized Tim Walker feel to a lot of the guerilla advertising seen today. You could have a lot of fun with this ad, coming up with new and exciting ways that we all make mess.

3m security glass best ad ever

Security Glass Ad - This a bold display of bus stop advertising. That is actual money inside of the glass case. Very creative and shows how their product works in the craziest way possible.

Since the print medium is an expensive one to advertise, the results should be worth the incredible sums that are spent for them and in some cases they are. The cleverness of the print ad is determined somehow by the target audience, thus the subtle images are destined for a more educated crowd, while the ones that are explicit are for a general audience.

Advertising campaign for Colsubsidio Book Exchange, using negative space to depict a second story within the first. (Here: Snow White/Sherlock Holmes.) Produced by