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tea won the rock paper scissors but one question why is jimin glowing?

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet

BTS is celebrating a huge milestone with their fans! Although it’s hard to believe that it could have been that long ago, it has now been 1000 days since B

Funny Kpop Stuff - chengsation: bet you didn’t see that coming

favorite moment in the history of bangtan. And the fact that V came back for Suga and missed

Someone didn't take their nap today and now they're cranky tsktsk

Someone didn't take their nap today and now they're cranky tsktsk <- lol at this comment😂

Yoongi is for real a Tsundere XD He's actually not teaching Jimin how to confess but the one confessing XD

How to confess to your crush by Min Yoongi<<<I hope this works

Jungshook and the rest of the shook line


[ENTREVISTA] BTS en la revista japonesa ‘Shukan Josei (Weekly Women)’ (Enero 2017)

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170614 - BTS in Anan magazine 2017 edition. Who is making them do these cringey yet adorable photo shoots! I'm not complaining, but look at poor Tae being squished

Infires...INFIRES?! Jungkook: INFIRES MAN!! Rapmon: it's inspires! xD ohh man. These boys

Haha I love Suga's mouth XD RapMon is a cutie too