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GetJoys - 娛樂分享區 - 18張「現代人看了都會覺得背后插滿箭」的諷刺插畫,第一張就已經狠到讓人低頭不語…

Funny truth about modern life: illustrations by Eduardo Salles - 5

How do I know Im eating enough protein? There are many foodstuffs that offer a rich source of protein like Excel Hemp protein powder, lean meats,  eggs, fish & milk. As reflected by the ONS’s decision to include protein powders in its “basket of goods”, the use of sports supplements is increasing in the UK. These supplements, common amongst athletes, gym go-ers and body builders, offer a way of getting additional protein into the diet which can support muscle development & the post surgery

Is hemp legal? What are the risks for dogs? What are the benefits for dogs? We have your answers.


two of my favorite things.lab puppies and a chevy truck♡

@Jaimi McDonough: Looks like this is all I need for a Christmas tree this year

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30 Things Only Dog People will Understand

"What do you mean there's a hole in the yard?I don’t know anything about a hole that looks freshly dug. May I suggest asking the cat?


Inspiring quotes about life : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description And a House is Not a Home Without KITTIES! Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

Monument to Doberman, Military Working Dog (MWD), World War II Memorial, War Dog Cemetery, Naval Base Guam - Military Working Dogs (MWDs in military parlance) have been part of the US forces for over 100 years with dogs fighting alongside soldiers as far back as the Civil War and WWI.

Military Dogs: Dogs are loyal, trustworthy, & man's best friend. Pictures of loyal dogs & Military dogs. The story behind Military dogs in Afghanistan.

And my name shall be She-Ra!!

Funny pictures about My ride to battle. Oh, and cool pics about My ride to battle. Also, My ride to battle.

This makes me so, so, so, so, so happy.  Love GusGus and love goldens so much it hurts.

how could you ever get mad at this? This is exactly how our lab/retriever curls up every morning when M gets out of bed. She is the best cuddle buddy ever!

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If it fits it ships is the motto for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. Don't take it too literally - they do have rules! Do you know what the weight limit is for a Flat Rate Box?