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This would be me standing the balcony of my beach house. My BF would come out and hug me from behind.

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The horizon and sky are both so moving 🌎 Appreciate this beautiful earth, and inspire others to do the same!

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You'll fall and you'll have to pick yourself up over and over and over again until one day the one the feel for falls with you and you both laugh and decide not to get back up because you're comfortable laying right next to each other.

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I'm Bella (on the right) and I live in Germany. My dream would be to live in NY or California by the...

Sensory box This picture is for touch. This represents warm salty and velvet ocean water washing over your body; releasing a calm relaxing mood. The ocean could allow a client to create new memories and the feeling of relief from "senior living".

My top knot. Mo filled with flowers. Man was this a good hair day. [[MORE]]Hope you all have a great, messy and flower filled hair weekend too. -Rebekah *Sidenote of frustration:.

Para estirar los músculos y desentumecerlos después de la monotonía en  el puesto de trabajo y posturas mantenidas durante un largo periodo de tiempo se recomienda practicar YOGA.

I believe working out on a beach side while sunset is a very relaxing thing. This certainly is one thing I love to do when I am on a beach side.