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claude debussy -"Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes. Music is the silence between the notes."

Step learn to differentiate between Classical composers Claude Debussy, my favorite composer and the creator of my namesake

Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy A brilliant composer and the inventor of musical impressionism. “Music begins where the words end” - Debussy leaning on his bass clarinet in Pierre Louÿs’ home, Paris, 1894 -by Pierre Louÿs

Claude Debussy, one of my favorite composers, ever.

la-nero-maestro: “ Music Is The Space Between The Notes. - Claude Debussy “ La Plus Que Lente” ( The More Than Slow, Or Slow Waltz ) By Composer Achille-Claude Debussy, Performed By Pianist Arthur.

clair de lune poster - Google Search

Claude Debussy- Clair de Lune Can listen to this over and over againn -My current ring tone

A bit harsh there Debussy! The more singing the better!

A bit harsh there Debussy! The more singing the better!

“Piano” by Steve Narens

A great way to learn more about the piano is to take the panels or music desk off. This is a great idea for students as well. It helps someone learning to play understand what happens in-between a note being hit and the melody singing out.

Erik Satie (1866 - 1925) was a French composer who ranks  among the oddest figures in late 19th C./early 20th C. music. He preferred to be called ‘gymnopedist’ or ‘phonometrograph’ rather than ‘composer’, and his pieces - often whimsically titled bagatelles for piano - have a hypnotic and addictive effect on the listener. They sound simple but are actually hard to perform properly.

Eric Satie - French composer and pianist. Satie was a colourful figure in the early century Parisian avant-garde.

Jean Sibelius Piano Composer http://pinterest.com/cameronpiano

Jean Sibelius Piano Composer http://pinterest.com/cameronpiano