In the name of COFFEE! CoffeeLovers - What are you thankful for today?

I think I'll have another cup!

The Coffee Lover knows coffee and morning are a perfect combination of balance. I love coffee even when sick at home. Coffee is so comforting like that.

Wednesday Wisdom, Peta, Compassion

I do love me some coffee!

Ode To Coffee! "The beauty and calm you can feel after having a cup of coffee on a rough day is truly unparalleled. It instills you with a sense of happiness and fulfillment"

#Coffee is my duct tape. It fixes everything. Who would agree?? #coffeelovers

Limited Edition Coffee Tee - 7 Days Only

Coffee is like duct tape it definitely fixes everything. Coffee Lovers know this is a truth.


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“Thursday's are my "get 'er done days", I LOVE I get to drink extra coffee in my comfies!

Get yourself some coffee

♥COFFEE ♥COFFEE♥ I always do that,I bring my book & go for my coffee & doughnut,at the coffee shop near mt house

im not right in the's photo.

With enough coffee i can rule the world, dress myself and use my grownup manners