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How big is the problem?

Understanding your own thought processes, & how realistic these thoughts are (relativity) - part of a good CBT programme

POOCH / P (problem) O (options) O (outcomes) CH (choices)  We talked about this in one of my classes and referred to it as SODAS (situation, Options, Disadvantages to each option, Advantages to each option, and Solution)

CBT worksheets - Positive, healthy thinking - alternatives to negative thinking - P (problem) O (options) O (outcomes) CH (choices) graphic organizer

Self-Esteem Activity: "I am special and unique!"

This product can be used in multiple ways! It can be an opportunty for students to write and share/discuss, or even as a bingo game in a small group! Like my "Self-Esteem Dice Game, this is a solution-focused activity focused on positive things to help wi

How Big is My Problem

How Big is My Problem? Classroom Management Poster

Nick Cholewa I thought this was a funny poster that could be put in a classroom. I know with the younger ages, a lot of the kids enjoy tattling on the other kids, so this may help to put that to a minimum.

Poster visual of How Big Is My Problem, Size of the Problem, Zones of Regulation

Students can use this strategy to help them put problems in perspective. This is a printable poster to help students identifying the problem and an appropriate reaction&