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We ALL have to remember this. If you have trouble in this World, don't focus on them to hard, for after death you will come to jannah! And in jannah there will be no problems . That is why you can't get a "Perfect" life in this World, becouse you will get a perfect life in jannah, where you can be with Allah in perfect love.

"So what if this life isn't perfect? We're not in Jannah yet" - Nouman Ali Khan

Hallelujah, I'm caving in.  Hallelujah, I'm in love again.  Hallelujah, I'm a wretched man.  Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance. ~Always, Switchfoot

"When a Muslim offers his salat to please Allah his sins are shed away from him just as these leaves are falling off the tree. SubhanAllah, Islam is beautiful.

All Things You Thinking. Question for the haters.  Is this Islam?  Melayu Bukan Islam, Non-Muslim Malays. http://melayubukanislam.blogspot.com/>>> I'm not Muslim but this is a really good quote.

Ethics-Islam holds strong emphasis on the importance of the right actions

I love Islam with my life!

It may be called an Islamic quote, but I think it fits Christians too.