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wonderous-world: Moon by Fredrik Nordqvist When I first saw this it reminded me of an angry sea .

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Thomas kinkade  HD Print oil painting ...e.5thvillage.com

Born into a family of painters on June Roy Tabora, Hawaiian painter, continues the legacy of generations of artists who populate his family tree. The splendor of Hawaii's tropical shores is a constant source of Tabora's inspiration.

Bleu de Pierrot, Pierrot frère de Lune, Lune bleue sur sa toile en bleu de Chine. Pierrot ! est-ce toi qui dessines les nuages dans les nuages ? Les nuages dessinés, peints ou sculptés en formes mouvantes avancent vers leur lune bleue, avancent lentement, se présentent devant elle en file indienne.

O Mater Luna, Regina nocis, adiuvo me nunc - O Mother Moon, Queen of the night, help me now From Daughters of the Moon trilogy by Lynne Ewing

I'm watching....

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The Sweet, Sweet Dreams, Images Of Landscapes

my super moon... / Sun, Moon, and Stars.. Topografía BGO Navarro - Estudio de Ingeniería. Begoña Navarro Marrero - Topógrafo - Land Surveyor

91 Starbucks Global City Mugs and counting (from travel here and abroad) linda-goodhue-photography

Jake Olson Studios. 'LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Moon!' <3

Remember summer evenings lying in the grass looking up at the moon? I have done this so many times that, if I can remember, I can guess exactly where the moon will appear each night, once again, only if I choose to remember.


Beautiful Nature-When I see these rays of light open up in the clouds I think about god is taking more angels to heaven

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We see it all the time, but I can never get over how beautiful the moon is set in a sky of twinkling stars. I remember how excited I was when I saw the moon through my little telescope when I was. It was just so beautiful.