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Quick animated step-by-step instructions on creating a panda latte

Onigiri panda kit

Onigiri panda kit

Get creative with your food using this panda rice mold! It's easy to use- simply scoop the rice up and press to get your panda shape. Use the nori puncher with seaweed for the facial details. Great to use for sushi night!

親子でラテアート☆パンダラテとチョコレート展 by nonさん | レシピブログ - 料理ブログのレシピ満載!


panda cafe latte [o.O] cafe A cafe in Paris.

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Like my sweet Tristan ~guntotingkafir

Ok....this looks disgusting...it looks like little eyes starring back at me! o_O

After 'Kitty' noodle, now we proceed to Panda noodle.


- Latte art - panda - Gourmet coffee ready for you

Awesome Coffee Art

Artistic Latte Art - Cats and Coffee!

Panda Tea/coffee せれぶもどきな午後 パンダプリン

Epicute: Panda Floater - Whipped cream pandas will only bathe in the fanciest teacups.

ラテアートって良いですよねー!できるようになりたいとか密かに思ったりしてます(笑):a lovely animal on coffee...

Coffee or Tea Drinks * Find out more at the image link.

Whether you’re planning a party or just want to bring a little cuteness to a regular day, you can never go wrong with pandas. Here are our favorite panda recipes from around the web.

Want a little panda fun for your next party or just for a regular weekday? Here are some of our favorite cute panda bear recipes you won't want to miss! The best party ideas for a panda themed birthday party!

Crescent moon Shape Latte Art 초승달 모양 라떼아트 - YouTube

Crescent moon Shape Latte Art 초승달 모양 라떼아트 - YouTube

ALL OF THE LATTE ART '에칭 라떼아트' 소스_10 바람개비 - YouTube #latteart

ALL OF THE LATTE ART '에칭 라떼아트' 소스_10 바람개비 - YouTube #latteart

Props to @konditori & @fili.mone by coffeeprops

Props to & by coffeeprops

Panda curry

Panda curry - dang, I just love cooking with endangered species!